Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Evils of Gun Control or How The Media Murders

Hello Readers, it has been a while since my last post and quite a bit has happened since then and, I want to try to touch on most of the major issues that have popped up.  I guess the first issue that I want to touch on is gun control due to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  There is not a lot that I can say about this issue that hasn’t already been said but I will give you a brief look at my personal views on the issue as well as a link to an extremely well thought out post on the issue by one of my favorite authors, Larry Correia, that I recommend everyone read.  Personally, I feel that the push to restrict and ban guns here in the US is something to be worried about.  There are millions of law abiding citizens in this country that love their guns and use them for numerous things ranging from self-defense to teaching their children responsibility.   Taking away their access to the weapons that they use for these purposes not only puts them at risk from people who wish to do them harm but it also takes a valuable tool away from parents who realize the importance of teaching children at a young age to respect firearms and what they are capable of.  I’m not even going to get into the hunting aspect of this issue. 
As for this apparent outbreak of mass shootings that seem to be happening around the country, notice that they only tend to happen in places where guns are either not allowed (such as schools) or are restricted to areas where only select people are allowed weapons and are positioned far away from the site where the shootings take place (Fort Hood) or if there is a heavy police presence, the police (as is the case with the Virginia Tech shooting) are not allowed to carry firearms.  Due to this, I believe I can safely say that and unarmed populace is little more than cannon fodder to criminals who don’t respect the law.  Also, think about what one of the first things a government does that wishes to enslave its citizens, they take away the citizens methods of protecting themselves.  That said, I believe that a well-armed populace is the safest.
Now, I believe the biggest problem when it comes to these mass shootings as well as the main contributing factor to the apparent increase in them is the sole fault of the media.  The media, in an effort to push liberal agendas on the issue of gun control has been sensationalizing these shooting and giving the shooters the lime light.  This encourages more disturbed individuals to get their 15 min of fame by trying to do an equal to larger amount of damage and the news media eats it up because it gives them more tragedy (because everyone know only bad news sells) to report on that encourages even more violence…
Or so it would seem, but the honest fact of the matter is that there hasn’t really been a large increase in these mass shooting, there has only been an increase in the reporting on them.  The media’s amount of reporting is the only differing factor; shootings aren’t really increasing like they are making it appear.  Part of this I do believe if the fault of the media, but there is another factor.  I believe that the increased accessibility to information is the other reason that the media tends to go overboard with their reporting on these issues thus bombarding us with more and more stories like this as they (the media) tries to outdo one another in an effort to report the most sensational stories they can in order to attract the almighty viewership numbers.
Hmmm, ok guess I am not going to get to any of the other issues I wanted to talk about in this post but that is ok, I can get to them in the next one.  In fact I haven’t said all I want to say with this post but since I am giving you a very long post to read on this issue as well as what you have already read to get to the point where you are now I will drop it here.  Here is the link to the post by Larry Correia - Please read this post, whether you agree with gun control or not, it is all something to think about, that is all.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff is Looming...

The fiscal cliff is looming, at least that is what the Media keeps touting these days, and why is it looming?  Because those dastardly Republicans won’t compromise with the president by throwing all of their pledges, promises and morals out the window by giving the President exactly what he wants with no argument or debate in the process.  Well, I hate to break it to the major news outlets, but that isn’t how the system is supposed to work.  Just because Obama won the election doesn’t make him the end all, be all, when it comes to how things are going to work in DC.  Obama still has to work with Congress if he actually wants to achieve anything and, as loth as he is to do it, he has to reach across the aisle and start working with Congressional Republicans.  If he refuses, as he has the last couple of years, then nothing will get done and we all will suffer for one man’s stubbornness and stupidity.  Don’t let the Media fool you into thinking that this is all because of the Republicans, they have been trying repeatedly to get things done and have been stonewalled by this administration and the Senate Democrats.
And as for the Congressional Republican…  I know that no matter how this whole fiscal cliff thing plays out you are going to look like the bad guys.  This is due to a complacent Media that refuses to do their job and report the truth; instead, they choose to worship at the feet of the idol of Obama.  Get over it and do your jobs anyway.  We put you in office to prevent Obama and his socialist agenda from destroying the foundation of this great nation, not to turn tail and cower because you are afraid of looking bad.  If you give in and help Obama destroy this nation, you will be replaced in the next election. 
If all the conservatives in this nation (and conservatives still are the majority) have to go Third Party in order to get people in DC who will stand up for conservative ideals and not cave to political pressure just because another party controls two of the three branches.  I know that this would take a while to accomplish but eventually, if the Republicans don’t wise up, they will find themselves completely out of power and a new party with have taken its place.  So please, Republicans, grow a backbone and stand strong.  If you don’t, we all lose.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricanes, Benghazi, Debates, Oh My!!!

Finally I have some time to sit down and write out some thoughts.  I was going to have this post focus on just the last Presidential debate but with Sandy hitting in the North East and the latest information about the attacks in Benghazi, Libya I have decide to shrink the debate talk down and address those two issues as well, so essentially you are going to get what should probably be three posts rolled all into one.
Ok, let’s start with the final Presidential debate.  I started off the debate wondering what the hell Romney was doing since the first question out of the gate was on Benghazi and Obama had just floundered about in an effort to avoid answering the question.  Romney, polite as always, failed to seize what I thought was the perfect opportunity to start thrashing Obama right out of the gate with that question and as the debate rolled on I became more and more frustrated as Romney failed to directly attack the President at all.  There were a number of times that Obama was put on the spot by the Moderator and all he could do is revert back to the talking points he had memorized or throw out false facts that he was clearly making up on the spot.  In fact, there was even one instance where Obama basically begged the American people to look up what he and Romney were talking about, claiming that then they would know who was telling the truth… well, it turns out Romney was the one giving the facts and Obama was giving falsehoods.  Despite all of the interchanges though, Romney never really went on the attack, he just sat calmly by as if he were patently dealing with a child, and corrected the President when he was wrong.  It took until after the debate for me to realize what exactly it was that Romney was doing and now that I look back on it I think Romney shined despite my initial thoughts about the debate. 
Very simply put, Romney was being Presidential and letting Obama look like an inexperienced challenger who thought he deserved the position of President due to the fact that his name was Barak Obama.  Constantly throughout the debate, Obama felt the need to remind everyone that he was the Commander in Chief and, due to this constant insistence, he came off looking like he was trying to remind himself… Not a good place for an incumbent to be.  Romney showed that he was above the petty squabbling that Obama kept trying to lure him into and through it all; Romney came out on the other side without one drop of mud on him while Obama looked like he had been wallowing in it.
Ok, on to Benghazi, Libya and I am going to have to be quick.  In recent days there have been numerous leaks that have shown everything that the President’s Administration had been telling us was blatantly false.  So far, due to recent evidence, it looks like the Administration has been trying to cover up the truth to protect itself and, as always, the truth is starting to come out and show the lies for what they are.  People, this is serious, serious stuff.  Nixon was impeached for FAR less than what the Obama Administration has done.  Obama has shown that he is more interested in winning and election than doing his job and making sure that American citizens are as safe as they can be.  There have been memos and messages leaked that prove that the Ambassador was begging for more security as well as to asking for repairs to the consulate where in weeks before the attack a large hole was blown into an outer wall.  We have messages saying how frustrated he was getting that no one in Washington would grant him the help that he felt that he needed.  We know that there were drones flying over the area taking real time video and transmitting it back to Washington DC as the attack was happening yet officials gave stand down orders to our military and CIA operatives who were ready to go assist the consulate.  One of the Marines who were given that order defied it and lost his life in a heroic act trying to save the Ambassador as he and one other Marine held off the attackers for almost nine hours with one machine gun while trying to order a precision airstrike that never came.  Those four brave souls that died during that attack were abandoned by the President and his Administration so that he could go party in Vegas with Jay-Z and Beyoncé before going on the David Letterman Show.  The Mainstream Media is just as guilty in this cover up as well due to their negligence in reporting on the story out of Benghazi.  They are doing what they can to protect Obama’s chances for re-election and clearly will go to no lengths to hide the truth at least until after November the 6th.
Ok, now for the last topic, Hurricane Sandy.  For those of you out there that are out of the loop or don’t pay attention to current events, a hurricane that was named Sandy hit in the North East around the New York/New Jersey are causing massive amounts of damage all along the eastern seaboard.  So far, the death toll (as of when I last heard it) was at 52 and is expected to rise as more people are found.  It has cause billions of dollars of property damage and displaced millions of people from their homes.  My thought and prayers go out to all those effected.
Due to the storm, Obama is seizing upon the opportunity to something to make himself look Presidential by actually doing his job.  Now before you think I am being harsh on the President, the only reason I said it like that was because of all the photo ops he took advantage of while on his tour of New Jersey… that and the fact that he seemed upset that New York told him to stay away so that they could actually get some work done in the aftermath.  I will say this though, it is nice to see Obama doing something to help out and to see him Monitoring the situation during and after Sandy as closely as he has… too bad he didn’t feel the need to perform his job like this when it came to Benghazi. 
From these three things I have but one conclusion to make and it is my personal opinion, but I just call them like I see them.  Obama, the current President of the United States of America, is more concerned with winning another four years in the White House than he is about the safety and wellbeing of the citizens he is supposed to represent.  Sure, showing concern about Sandy and its aftermath shows that he can step up to the plate when his job is on the line, but that is too little, too late.  Benghazi is the main tell about Obama and how he feels about America, when he thought that it could be swept under the rug and downplayed, he did just that with the help of the Mainstream Media.  When it came out that America wanted answers he purposefully tried to hide and obfuscate the truth because he thought he could keep it under wraps until after the election, but when that began to hurt his campaigning he started to change his story while continuing to cover up as much as he could.  How he must have breathed a sigh of relief when Sandy showed up, how he must have hoped for it to create a disaster that he could take advantage of.  After all, you never waste a good crisis as the Dems like to say.
The American people have (for the most part) been watching and I feel confident that they have seen through Obama’s façade.  Only time will tell is this is true and I can’t wait to find out on November 6th.  I’m not saying Mitt Romney is the perfect candidate, but he is better by far in comparison with Obama and I believe that he will at least get us started on the path of economic prosperity once more.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama Lied, People Died

I realize that I haven’t posted about the debate Tuesday and the last Presidential debate is looming tonight so I am going to cover Tuesday’s debate now but I am going to keep this post short.  My initial thoughts on it are quite simple really; I think Romney did very well considering he was apparently debating not only Obama, but the moderator as well since she felt the need to interject herself into the debate to take the heat off of the President.  Romney missed a lot of chances to call the President out on some of the lies that the President said and I don’t know why he didn’t call him out on them, but whatever the reason, it was a missed opportunity.  The moderator, Candy Crowley, was a disgrace to the process of the debate with the way she acted and I, personally, think she should never be allowed to handle anything political again due to the clear bias that she showed.  Obama came out of the second debate sounding strong and sure of himself… that is as long as you don’t fact check most of what he claimed during the debate.  Also, Obama apparently took a tip from Joe Biden’s debate performance and sat in the background snickering and giggling, though to a lesser degree than his running mate did.
The debate was a town hall format supposedly filled with undecided voters which would have been a good format if it hadn’t been for several factors such as the fact that the Moderator got to pick who asked what questions after they had submitted them prior to the debate.  This alloyed the Moderator to cherry pick questions that would give Obama the easiest time answering them, which she did.  She also interrupted and cut Romney off repeatedly, not giving him time to respond which, when you think about it, defeats the whole purpose of the debate.  In fact, just like the other two debates, the Democrat candidates had more time to speak, this time around four minutes worth.  That makes roughly fifteen minutes more speaking time in all three ninety minute debates over the Republican candidates.  For the record that is roughly an eighteen percent difference in the allotted speaking time between the two tickets.
During the debate, Obama lied repeatedly in an attempt to cover up the truth about a multitude of issues such as when Obama claimed that gas prices are only low when the economy is bad, but I don’t really want to go into all of those, there are plenty of fact check sites out there that have ripped Obama’s portion of the debate to shreds and you can check them out if you really want to know all the gory details.  To be fair, Romney have his share of half-truths as well, for instance, when Romney claimed that Obama had cut oil production in half, that simply isn’t true, he has cut it by three quarters… for those of you who are not good at math, that is more than half.  Once again though, I don’t really want to get into all of the lies and mistruths that were said, instead I want to focus on one blatant lie that Obama said and the Moderator stepped in to play fact checker on in an attempt to aid the President… and was wrong.
When a question about the Libyan debacle came up, Obama claimed that the very next day he had called the attack against our Ambassador what it was, “an act of terror” and when Romney tried to call him on it, the Moderator stepped in and said that Obama was telling the truth and Romney was incorrect.  Later in an interview after the debate she had to correct herself and admit that Romney was in fact correct and both she and the President had been incorrect.  The part of Obama’s speech that he was referring to was a segment where Obama did in fact say the words, “act of terror”, but not in reference to the event in Libya.  Obama was referring to the events of September 11th when the World Trade Center was attacked and the following attacks that had been stopped since such as the underwear bomber.  Whenever he referred to Libya, he insisted that it was all caused by a random protest spurned on by a video on YouTube, in fact he and his administration kept on referring to the attack as a result of the video for two weeks after the attack happened.  He even went so far as to condemn the person who made the video, essentially saying that this individual had no right to make or say anything that is offensive or could be offensive to Muslims, talk about throwing the first amendment out the window.  American Crossroads has a great video montage up of Obama and his administration claiming that it was all the videos fault (and each clip is dated) and I truly hope they release it onto the airwaves as an attack ad.
Simple fact of the matter is, Obama blatantly lied to us, the American people, about this event and people died due to his and his administrations incompetence.  That is not the only thing that they have lied about though and, as we all know, the truth has a way of catching up to the lie. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

I Need An Adult, or, Children Cry As America Dies

Ok, let me start off by apologizing for my long absence from this blog, I have been dealing with some personal issues as well as 60 hour work weeks as I try to stay afloat in this crappy economy that our Government has given us.  It was never my intent to be gone for so long and I hope that you, my dear readers, will forgive me.  I want to thank you for reading my blog still or, if you area first time reader I would like to thank you for giving me a shot.  Once again, I want to remind everyone that this blog is not a news blog.  Its sole purpose is to be a place for me to express my opinion about a number of things, most of which will be political in nature.  I am an independent conservative though I tend to lean more toward the Republican platform than the Democrat platform and as such my view will be along these lines.  If you are offended my potentially disagreeable views please leave now, if not, then welcome and feel free to leave comments in the comment section, especially if you want to have a discussion.  I encourage discussions in the comments section and tend to participate in them when they occur; all I ask is that everyone remain civil and polite.
Ok, now with that out of the way, I want to talk about the last two debates that we have had in the Presidential race, or, more appropriately, I want to talk about the performances of Obama and Biden.  I may get into Romney and Ryan a little bit in order to contrast them against their opponents but, this is mainly going to be a comparison of the two Dems that are running for re-election.  The main reason I want to focus on them is that I find the two extremes that we got in their performances fascinating… also there is the fact that I find that both of those performances have hurt their re-election chances due to the extremes they went to.
Obama, during his debate against Romney, appeared lackluster and he looked as though he didn’t want to be there.  Considering the trouncing that he got, I wouldn’t have wanted to be there either if I were him.  Throughout the entire debate, Obama kept hanging his head, looking at the floor, looking at the ceiling (maybe w\he was trying to find his teleprompter?) and generally looking anywhere else other than at his opponent.  In this debate, the point was to have each candidate address each other and have a lively discussion about their views on the topics that was set forth from the question presented by the moderator.  It is kind of hard to do that when you won’t even acknowledge the presence of the other candidate.  Romney held his own on the stage by directly addressing Obama and looking straight at him the entire time no matter who was speaking and he managed to do this while remaining respectful of Obama.  Obama on the other hand kept addressing the audience while avoiding his counterpart as well as begging the moderator for more time to speak.  For someone who spoke as much as Obama did, he sure didn’t say much of anything.  In the end Obama got way more time to talk then Romney did, but you wouldn’t know that if you listened to the MSM (Main Stream Media).  The way that Obama acted during the debate with Romney came off almost as if he were a sullen child who was being forced to do something he didn’t want to do and then complaining about not getting able to do it enough.  All in all, he came off as arrogant and rude during this debate.
Biden on the other hand, or Mad Joe as I like to call him, really came off as a crotchety old man who occasionally reverts back to an infantile state when he was debating Ryan.  In this debate, the candidates were supposed to address one another as well as the public.  Ryan pulled this off very well, full of class and style, Mad Joe on the other hand did manage to address the people he was supposed to address (unlike Obama) but it was his antics the entire time that kept him down.  Whenever Ryan was speaking about anything (some of which were very serious subjects) Mad Joe was busy rolling his eyes, cackling, giggling, throwing his hands up in the air and most importantly, constantly interrupting Ryan.  Ryan to his credit did not reach over that table and bitch slap Joe Biden, I would have.  On the flip side, when Biden was speaking, Ryan was quiet and polite, letting Mad Joe say what he wanted to say without stooping to the oh so low level of Joe. Once again we have the Dem candidate whine about not getting enough time to speak and, like Obama, Joe really didn’t say much that was worth anything.  Also there were several times that when Biden was speaking he got visibly angry, shaking his finger at the moderator and the audience as if he was restraining himself from lashing out and striking them.  As Joe spoke he refused to say Ryan’s name once, instead referring to Ryan as “my friend” constantly, which is a very rude snub.  Basically, whenever Ryan was speaking, Joe pulled the infantile act and then when it was his turn to speak, he became the crotchety old man, neither of which is an attractive way to act if you want people to vote for the ticket you are on in a Presidential race.
I guess the best way to finish this post up would be to compare the Democrat ticket verses the Republican ticket’s performances in these two debates…  Anyone who has read my previous posts knows exactly how I feel about Romney, I don’t like the man but as time goes on I find myself being more and more comfortable with a Romney Presidency, especially now that he has Ryan on the ticket and considering that if he doesn’t win this election we are looking at four more years of Obama’s crappy policies and Constitution breaking maneuvers. 
The way the two tickets look to me after these first two debates is like this, the Obama ticket has two people on it that have proven themselves to be immature, arrogant and contemptuous in the way it handles itself.  It is not above lying about everything and anything to the American people if it thinks that it will get it re-elected.  It will even go so far as to double down on those lies when called out on them in front of the American people while on stage.  This is not leadership and leadership is what we so desperately need.  On the other hand, the Romney ticket held its own in a cool, calm and mature fashion, despite all of the slanderous half-truths and blatant lies that were thrown against it.  It took the high road during the debates when many others would not have.  For its efforts, the Romney ticket has come out of these debates so far looking even better for not having soiled their shoes in the much that the Obama Ticket is wallowing in.  The Romney ticket is what leadership should look like and with any luck (and a whole lot of votes) the Romney ticket is the leadership we will get.  It’s not the perfect ticket nor is it the perfect answer for the problems that this nation faces but it is a step in the right direction after four years of a socialist in the White House who does everything he can to stand against America and all she believes in. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Paths That Lay Before Us

I know that I promised over twitter that I was going to post this last night, but I found that I was still so angry over SCOTUS’s that most of what I had to say would have been extremely emotionally driven and counterproductive to an intelligent conversation.
Let me start of by saying that I think SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) really dropped the ball on this one.  Not only did we have Justices that should have been required to recuse themselves (Kagan is a prime example) due to a conflict of interests, but we also had Justices that decided that in order to make the law valid, they would effectively rewrite the law to make the penalty that fell under the commerce clause a tax instead.  Of course everybody knew from the start that it was a tax but the language in the law stated that it was a penalty and that the commerce clause was what gave the authority to enact said penalty.  Well, the Chief Justice (Roberts) decided that while the current wording made the law unconstitutional, he would rule on it as if it were a tax and effectively renames it as a tax in the written statement that was presented with the Court’s decision.  Effectively, this is a declaration from Chief Justice Roberts that the Supreme Court can now use judicial activism to rewrite laws in order to fit whatever personal agenda the members of the Court have but that is not the only fall out that will come with this horrible (and in my opinion if the Justices could be held accountable, which they can’t be, illegal) decision.
The second major piece of fallout from this decision effectively gives Congress the ability to tax your actions or lack thereof.  SCOTUS basically said that by making this penalty a tax, Congress can tax you for your choice not to buy health insurance.  Taken to its logical conclusion where does this end?  Not in a good place, that’s where.  If Congress can tax you for not buying something like health insurance, what is to keep them from taxing you for not buying healthy food?  What if they want to tax you for not buying Brussels sprouts because the poor Brussels sprout farmers aren’t making enough money to cover their employees’ health insurance? (By the way, health insurance costs are going to skyrocket.) Let’s take this one step further, what if they want to tax you if you don’t vote?  What if they want to tax you if you don’t buy the exact make and model of car that they feel everyone should be forced to drive?  Do you see where I am going with this?  SCOTUS has just given Congress the power of tyrannical rule through taxes.  They have declared that Congress has the ability to tax citizens for anything that they wish as long as it is just that, a tax.
Well, now the question is, what can we do about it?  The way I see it, we only have a few options, one of which is preferable, the others are not so preferable. 
The first and best option is the one I would really prefer to have happen.  It starts with electing Romney (as much as I dislike the man I will take him over the commie in the White House right now) and gaining the majority in the Senate while maintaining the majority in the House.  Romney then will need to repeal Obamacare with the help of the Senate and the House.  After that, several Constitutional Amendments need written and put up for a vote.  One of those Amendments needs to limit the taxing powers of Congress in such a way that this can never happen again.  The next needs to limit the powers of the Supreme Court to restrict the use of Judicial Activism to rewrite laws in order to make them constitutional.  The third needs to make it to where the Justices are held accountable to the will of the people. (I personally like Tom Kratman’s approach with the amendments ate the end of “State of Disobedience” where all the justices are on the ballot during every Presidential election and the one that gets the most votes is removed and the new President gets to replace him/her with a new Justice.) Forth, we need an Amendment that states that any laws that Congress pass apply equally to the members of the ruling body.  In order for get all of that done we would have to have politicians in office with the guts to pull of that kind of bold legislation… unfortunately I don’t think politicians like that exist anymore.  After those Amendments are written, then we the people need to go and vote them in.
The second option which I don’t like as much because it would be even harder to do is to forget about winning the Presidency.  Focus only on gaining a veto-proof House and Senate, and then have them enact all the steps I laid out in the first option.
The third option I like even less.  That is revolution.  I don’t like this option because of the potential for bloodshed, but it wouldn’t be the first time blood has been shed for our freedom.  To be quite honest, the prospect of a second American Revolution frightens me, but I see it as a potential future that will become necessary in order to preserve what little is left of this once great nation.  I really hate to say that but that is one of the only ways we have left.  I hope and pray that it never gets that far.
The fourth option I dislike as much as the third.  This option involves all of the conservative states that still believe in the American Ideal of freedom announcing their succession and forming their own nation independent of the liberal states.  I dislike this option because I see another Civil War happening.  Like the first Civil War, it would be about a multitude of reasons with State’s and Citizen’s rights being at the forefront. 
I know none of these options are particularly great, but the way I see it they are all we have left aside from becoming complacent in letting our freedoms slip away faster and faster.  I was going to go into how this law is going to hurt everyone that the Libs are saying it would help but I have ran out of time for now so I will have to take that up at another time. 
Thank you for reading and remember to vote this November.  Aim for Option #1 with me please.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It Takes A Heartless Man Sometimes

OK, so Obama’s campaign has come out and said that it is all about focusing on Mitt Romney’s time with Bain Capital.  Honestly is that the best that they can do?  They are using Romney’s time with Bain to paint him as a heartless human being that cares nothing for the people that he hurts in pursuit of the all-mighty dollar.  This is clearly a misrepresentation of the job that Romney did for Bain and in my opinion the way that the Obama campaign is painting him actually helps him considering that this election cycle is more than likely going to revolve around the economy.
Now, to get things that have been twisted by the left straightened back out…  Yes, Romney worked for Bain Capital by taking companies that were going down the toilet fiscally and turning them around to where they were once again making money.  Yes this involved making hard decisions about who and what to cut from those companies which did in turn hurt people and their families as they found themselves without jobs, but think about all the jobs Romney saved in the process.  Every cut Romney had to make had to be painstakingly gone over to weight the cost verses the benefit.  If he had to cut more jobs then he saved at any one of these companies then the cost would have been too high.  The whole point of his job was to make sure that the least amount of cuts are made in order to get the company out of the red and back into the black.
Obama’s campaign is painting this as a horrible and black hearted thing that Romney was doing and, if you are a bleeding heart liberal that would rather see the entire company go under with everyone losing their job as opposed to a select few, it might be.  But the facts can’t be denied Romney did what was necessary and because of his actions, those companies survived and prospered. 
I know I have my problems with Romney; I just don’t like the man.  I think he is a lite version of Obama socially but I do recognize that when he has a job to do that involves pulling something out of the fiscal fire his track record is remarkable.  Maybe, if he is as heartless as Obama’s campaign suggests, we need someone who can look at our Government’s budget with a heartless eye and make the painful yet necessary cuts to pull us out of the hole Government has dug us into.  Both sides are to blame, don’t get me wrong, both sides put us here but whereas were digging the hole with a spade before, Obama came in with a backhoe and said “Let’s see deep we can get this”.  I hope Romney will take that same backhoe and fill the hole back in before digging with a spade again at the least, at best I hope that he can get us back into the black though I realize with the Government that is almost impossible.
In closing I say, give Romney a chance to heartlessly fill in Obama’s hole.  I realize some will get buried in the aftermath but we are in so deep because of the last 6 years that some sacrifices will have to be made by all.  We need a heartless man to repair the damage done by men with weak hearts so that a man or woman with a strong and firm heart can step in afterward.