Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricanes, Benghazi, Debates, Oh My!!!

Finally I have some time to sit down and write out some thoughts.  I was going to have this post focus on just the last Presidential debate but with Sandy hitting in the North East and the latest information about the attacks in Benghazi, Libya I have decide to shrink the debate talk down and address those two issues as well, so essentially you are going to get what should probably be three posts rolled all into one.
Ok, let’s start with the final Presidential debate.  I started off the debate wondering what the hell Romney was doing since the first question out of the gate was on Benghazi and Obama had just floundered about in an effort to avoid answering the question.  Romney, polite as always, failed to seize what I thought was the perfect opportunity to start thrashing Obama right out of the gate with that question and as the debate rolled on I became more and more frustrated as Romney failed to directly attack the President at all.  There were a number of times that Obama was put on the spot by the Moderator and all he could do is revert back to the talking points he had memorized or throw out false facts that he was clearly making up on the spot.  In fact, there was even one instance where Obama basically begged the American people to look up what he and Romney were talking about, claiming that then they would know who was telling the truth… well, it turns out Romney was the one giving the facts and Obama was giving falsehoods.  Despite all of the interchanges though, Romney never really went on the attack, he just sat calmly by as if he were patently dealing with a child, and corrected the President when he was wrong.  It took until after the debate for me to realize what exactly it was that Romney was doing and now that I look back on it I think Romney shined despite my initial thoughts about the debate. 
Very simply put, Romney was being Presidential and letting Obama look like an inexperienced challenger who thought he deserved the position of President due to the fact that his name was Barak Obama.  Constantly throughout the debate, Obama felt the need to remind everyone that he was the Commander in Chief and, due to this constant insistence, he came off looking like he was trying to remind himself… Not a good place for an incumbent to be.  Romney showed that he was above the petty squabbling that Obama kept trying to lure him into and through it all; Romney came out on the other side without one drop of mud on him while Obama looked like he had been wallowing in it.
Ok, on to Benghazi, Libya and I am going to have to be quick.  In recent days there have been numerous leaks that have shown everything that the President’s Administration had been telling us was blatantly false.  So far, due to recent evidence, it looks like the Administration has been trying to cover up the truth to protect itself and, as always, the truth is starting to come out and show the lies for what they are.  People, this is serious, serious stuff.  Nixon was impeached for FAR less than what the Obama Administration has done.  Obama has shown that he is more interested in winning and election than doing his job and making sure that American citizens are as safe as they can be.  There have been memos and messages leaked that prove that the Ambassador was begging for more security as well as to asking for repairs to the consulate where in weeks before the attack a large hole was blown into an outer wall.  We have messages saying how frustrated he was getting that no one in Washington would grant him the help that he felt that he needed.  We know that there were drones flying over the area taking real time video and transmitting it back to Washington DC as the attack was happening yet officials gave stand down orders to our military and CIA operatives who were ready to go assist the consulate.  One of the Marines who were given that order defied it and lost his life in a heroic act trying to save the Ambassador as he and one other Marine held off the attackers for almost nine hours with one machine gun while trying to order a precision airstrike that never came.  Those four brave souls that died during that attack were abandoned by the President and his Administration so that he could go party in Vegas with Jay-Z and Beyoncé before going on the David Letterman Show.  The Mainstream Media is just as guilty in this cover up as well due to their negligence in reporting on the story out of Benghazi.  They are doing what they can to protect Obama’s chances for re-election and clearly will go to no lengths to hide the truth at least until after November the 6th.
Ok, now for the last topic, Hurricane Sandy.  For those of you out there that are out of the loop or don’t pay attention to current events, a hurricane that was named Sandy hit in the North East around the New York/New Jersey are causing massive amounts of damage all along the eastern seaboard.  So far, the death toll (as of when I last heard it) was at 52 and is expected to rise as more people are found.  It has cause billions of dollars of property damage and displaced millions of people from their homes.  My thought and prayers go out to all those effected.
Due to the storm, Obama is seizing upon the opportunity to something to make himself look Presidential by actually doing his job.  Now before you think I am being harsh on the President, the only reason I said it like that was because of all the photo ops he took advantage of while on his tour of New Jersey… that and the fact that he seemed upset that New York told him to stay away so that they could actually get some work done in the aftermath.  I will say this though, it is nice to see Obama doing something to help out and to see him Monitoring the situation during and after Sandy as closely as he has… too bad he didn’t feel the need to perform his job like this when it came to Benghazi. 
From these three things I have but one conclusion to make and it is my personal opinion, but I just call them like I see them.  Obama, the current President of the United States of America, is more concerned with winning another four years in the White House than he is about the safety and wellbeing of the citizens he is supposed to represent.  Sure, showing concern about Sandy and its aftermath shows that he can step up to the plate when his job is on the line, but that is too little, too late.  Benghazi is the main tell about Obama and how he feels about America, when he thought that it could be swept under the rug and downplayed, he did just that with the help of the Mainstream Media.  When it came out that America wanted answers he purposefully tried to hide and obfuscate the truth because he thought he could keep it under wraps until after the election, but when that began to hurt his campaigning he started to change his story while continuing to cover up as much as he could.  How he must have breathed a sigh of relief when Sandy showed up, how he must have hoped for it to create a disaster that he could take advantage of.  After all, you never waste a good crisis as the Dems like to say.
The American people have (for the most part) been watching and I feel confident that they have seen through Obama’s façade.  Only time will tell is this is true and I can’t wait to find out on November 6th.  I’m not saying Mitt Romney is the perfect candidate, but he is better by far in comparison with Obama and I believe that he will at least get us started on the path of economic prosperity once more.

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