Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama Lied, People Died

I realize that I haven’t posted about the debate Tuesday and the last Presidential debate is looming tonight so I am going to cover Tuesday’s debate now but I am going to keep this post short.  My initial thoughts on it are quite simple really; I think Romney did very well considering he was apparently debating not only Obama, but the moderator as well since she felt the need to interject herself into the debate to take the heat off of the President.  Romney missed a lot of chances to call the President out on some of the lies that the President said and I don’t know why he didn’t call him out on them, but whatever the reason, it was a missed opportunity.  The moderator, Candy Crowley, was a disgrace to the process of the debate with the way she acted and I, personally, think she should never be allowed to handle anything political again due to the clear bias that she showed.  Obama came out of the second debate sounding strong and sure of himself… that is as long as you don’t fact check most of what he claimed during the debate.  Also, Obama apparently took a tip from Joe Biden’s debate performance and sat in the background snickering and giggling, though to a lesser degree than his running mate did.
The debate was a town hall format supposedly filled with undecided voters which would have been a good format if it hadn’t been for several factors such as the fact that the Moderator got to pick who asked what questions after they had submitted them prior to the debate.  This alloyed the Moderator to cherry pick questions that would give Obama the easiest time answering them, which she did.  She also interrupted and cut Romney off repeatedly, not giving him time to respond which, when you think about it, defeats the whole purpose of the debate.  In fact, just like the other two debates, the Democrat candidates had more time to speak, this time around four minutes worth.  That makes roughly fifteen minutes more speaking time in all three ninety minute debates over the Republican candidates.  For the record that is roughly an eighteen percent difference in the allotted speaking time between the two tickets.
During the debate, Obama lied repeatedly in an attempt to cover up the truth about a multitude of issues such as when Obama claimed that gas prices are only low when the economy is bad, but I don’t really want to go into all of those, there are plenty of fact check sites out there that have ripped Obama’s portion of the debate to shreds and you can check them out if you really want to know all the gory details.  To be fair, Romney have his share of half-truths as well, for instance, when Romney claimed that Obama had cut oil production in half, that simply isn’t true, he has cut it by three quarters… for those of you who are not good at math, that is more than half.  Once again though, I don’t really want to get into all of the lies and mistruths that were said, instead I want to focus on one blatant lie that Obama said and the Moderator stepped in to play fact checker on in an attempt to aid the President… and was wrong.
When a question about the Libyan debacle came up, Obama claimed that the very next day he had called the attack against our Ambassador what it was, “an act of terror” and when Romney tried to call him on it, the Moderator stepped in and said that Obama was telling the truth and Romney was incorrect.  Later in an interview after the debate she had to correct herself and admit that Romney was in fact correct and both she and the President had been incorrect.  The part of Obama’s speech that he was referring to was a segment where Obama did in fact say the words, “act of terror”, but not in reference to the event in Libya.  Obama was referring to the events of September 11th when the World Trade Center was attacked and the following attacks that had been stopped since such as the underwear bomber.  Whenever he referred to Libya, he insisted that it was all caused by a random protest spurned on by a video on YouTube, in fact he and his administration kept on referring to the attack as a result of the video for two weeks after the attack happened.  He even went so far as to condemn the person who made the video, essentially saying that this individual had no right to make or say anything that is offensive or could be offensive to Muslims, talk about throwing the first amendment out the window.  American Crossroads has a great video montage up of Obama and his administration claiming that it was all the videos fault (and each clip is dated) and I truly hope they release it onto the airwaves as an attack ad.
Simple fact of the matter is, Obama blatantly lied to us, the American people, about this event and people died due to his and his administrations incompetence.  That is not the only thing that they have lied about though and, as we all know, the truth has a way of catching up to the lie. 

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